SARIMA is a membership organisation of Research and Innovation Management practitioners within the SADC region and operates at an institutional, national and international level, as well as across the value chain, from research through to successful innovation (commercialisation). It has anchored itself as a key role player within the SADC regional system of research and innovation (R&I), providing thought leadership, a platform for the promotion and facilitation of best practice, and championing efforts to build and strengthen capacity, as well as professional development in the fields of R&I management. Such R&I management capabilities are critical to supporting the research endeavours, and realisation of sustainable innovations from such research, to address societal needs.

SARIMA is involved in a number of projects and initiatives aimed at elevating the R&I management profession, and does this through its vast network of strategic partners and funders within Africa and abroad, inspiring and passionate committee of volunteers, and its small but dedicated operational and project team!

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