NRF Workshop for SARIMA Interns

Dear Dr Charmaine Williamson

Good morning, I trust that you are well. I left your workshop feeling so inspired, especially in having concrete tools and strategies to move forward in my professional development. I just want to share with you briefly, why I am so excited about the workshop you presented. Firstly, the new network of professionals (FINDING my GURU) is such an amazing strategy. It’s extremely useful for me to identify and to develop concrete strategies for moving through resistances and establishing myself within a career. Your presentation material and post-workshop resources are particularly helpful. You have provided lots of great information for me to think about and to take real action!”

Second, the realisation and the movement of a work culture has to change and keep up with times. Having a network of people who are willing to be honest about how things are, but also willing to stand strong in their own priorities can be a catalyst for change and a source of mutual support in implementing it. This took me back to what Dr Charmaine was conveying , that employee talent is a valuable asset for an organization, and it needs to be tapped to its fullest by keeping the employees motivated to perform and deliver the results they are qualified for and capable of. Lastly, what I truly valued, is that every employee needs to be well aware that he/she is accountable for their actions and decisions, and can neither pass the buck nor pass the blame to someone else. Having this notion of accountability enforced within an organization, will help him or her work more meticulously, and take cautious rather than reckless decisions, and not take advantage of the place, the position or the relationship with his or her superiors.

I have CC, Tania (my mentor) as well as Prof Dina (our director), to show my appreciation as an intern and to extend my gratitude towards them for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of this workshop, but also for their support in regards to my professional identity developmentā€¦Thank you Tania and Prof Burger. Oodles of gratitude and blessings to you, Dr Charmaine Williamson.

Ps, please find attached the training evaluation form for your kind attention.

Much thanks
Samantha Linn Coert
Research Intern
Office of the Research Director
Research Directorate
021 460 3843