Professionalisation in Innovation Management/ Technology Transfer

SARIMA is a member of the Alliance for Technology Transfer Professionals (ATTP), an international body of twelve knowledge and technology transfer associations across the globe, that was established to provide a global standard of professional achievement and personal recognition for those working within the Technology Transfer sector through Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP) status. Rather than each association having its own registration criteria, they have come together to establish internationally recognised standards. ATTP connects more than 5,000 technology transfer professionals in 67 countries through their member associations.

As a member of ATTP, SARIMA is entitled to:

  • Have individual members of SARIMA apply for RTTP directly through SARIMA (rather than needing to be a member of another body such as AUTM);
  • Participate in the various committees that oversee the management of ATTP;
  • Be entitled to link to ATTP in its web presence as a “Member of the Alliance”; and
  • Submit professional development courses to be “Recognized Professional Development Courses” for the purposes of applicants for RTTP.

Advantages of becoming a Registered Technology Transfer Professional include:

  • Confirmation of the individual professional’s credibility within the profession as assessed by expert practitioners
  • Provision of international recognition as a technology transfer expert
  • Uniting professionals on a global basis within a recognised and agreed framework

Routes to achieving RTTP status

RTTP STATUS (in a relevant role for at least three years)

CANDIDATE RTTP PATHWAY (in a relevant role for six months)

For further information about RTTP routes please click here


SARIMA members that have obtained RTTP status include

  • Dr Andrew Bailey (UCT, South Africa)
  • Ms Anita Nel (Innovus, South Africa)
  • Ms Ela Romanowska (WITS Enterprise, South Africa)
  • Dr Gary Atkinson-Hope (TechIPI (Pty) Ltd, South Africa)
  • Mr Gerard Verhoef (UFS, South Africa)
  • Ms Jacqueline Barnett (Bristol University, UK – previously NMU, South Africa)
  • Dr Janine Chantson (NWU, South Africa)
  • Mr Marlin Fransman (CPUT, South Africa)
  • Ms Nicki Koorbanally (CSIR, South Africa)
  • Dr Sean Moolman (PowerOptimal, South Africa)
  • Mr Stephanus Marais (Maravion (Pty) Ltd, South Africa)