Training and Professional Development Initiatives

What to expect in 2019

  • NEW! SARIMA-WITS oline short-courses in Research Management
  • NEW! Entrepreneur- in-residence programme
  • Virtual I&TT courses


Training in 2018

  • Course: Supporting Researchers from Research to Commercialisation – May 2018
  • Webinar: Managing University Equity – July 2018
  • Webinar: Managing Conflict of Interest – August 2018
  • Webinar: Successful Management of University Research Data – September 2018
  • Webinar: Inter-institutional Agreements (IIAs) for Management of Co-owned Intellectual Property – November 2018


Professional Development initiatives in 2018

  • NCURA Exchange visits for RM professionals in SADC
  • STORM exchange progamme for RM professionals in SADC
  • Industry Mentorship programme for Technology Transfer professionals in SA
  • International Exchange programme for Technology Transfer professionals in SA


Forums in 2018

  • RM Deans, Directors and Managers Forum for SADC – May 2018
  • TT Directors Forum – May 2018
  • RM Managers Forum – October/November 2018


List of Innovation and Technology Transfer Courses Accredited through ATTP

Recognised from 2013:

  • SARIMA annual conference


Recognised from 2014:

  • Technology Transfer Basics


Recognised from 2015:

  • Advanced Intellectual Property Management
  • Practical Insights into Structuring and Negotiating Licensing Deals
  • Webinars

o   Creative Commons, Copyright and Academic Publishing

o   Establishing a Selling Price for Equipment

o   Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Agreements: Competition Law Consideration

o   Key Elements of Patent Drafting

o   Patent Management – Infringement, Monitoring and Enforcement

o   Patenting: Optimal Routes, Warnings, Tips & Tricks

o   Material Transfer Agreements & Issues to consider when Receiving or Distributing Materials


Recognised from 2016:

  • Start-Up valuation and Investment Deal Structuring
  • Techno-Economic Assessment of Innovations
  • Webinars:

o   Freedom to Operate for Spin-Offs

o   Managing Research Impact

o   Medical Devices

o   Second Medical Device Use Claims in SA patent law

o   Licensing of Pending Patent Applications

o   Doing Business in SE ASIA – IP Issues


Recognised from 2017:

  • Introduction to Financial Modelling
  • Webinars:

o   America Invents Act